Whatever You Need To Know About Iran

Safarestan Iran Tour Operator "SITO"


  • The Women’s Clothing

    The female body parts must be covered and in particular:
    The hair, neck, arms and legs.
    Ladies can wear comfortable tunics or blouses that can extend above the knee with pants or long skirts.
    Any color is accepted
    They recommend natural fabrics that help skin respiration.
    The veil must be worn in public places, even in restaurants.
    Remember obtain handkerchiefs or cotton shawls light that stick well to the head can not slip down the color is irrelevant. Sometimes the tissue is beneficial for shelter from the sun, they recommend hats with flaps, and sunglasses for sunnier places.
    For foreigners the rules are not very strict, however, it is best to respect them not to be seen as a white fly. Is loved tourist who respects these rules.
    Women can smoke as many cigarettes they want, there is nothing that prohibits it.
    Wear comfortable shoes, summer sandals can be used with or without socks.
    For the winter time there are problems, you can wear coats no longer on the knee.

  • What we recommend for men’s clothing?

    For men equally comfortable clothes and shoes, not allowed to wear shorts or Bermuda shorts are fine shirts and long-sleeved shirts or 3/4.
    You can not wear tank tops